The Southern Flag is about Heritage Not Hate


The Southern Flag is about Heritage Not Hate!

My Frederick ancestors fought in Louisiana, my husband’s McCann and Mobley ancestors fought in Arkansas, my Dad’s ancestors fought in Alabama, and my husband’s Tudor ancestors fought in Tippah County, Mississippi, and Tennessee, his Craig ancestors fought in Virginia, and his Hancock ancestors fought in Texas.

Violence is NOT in the flag, the gun, or any other inanimate object! It is in the person!

When you have the generation of “No Conscience” and “Entitlement”, then you are going to have demons like the ones that murder INNOCENT people!

My Confederate flag symbolizes my Southern Heritage not Hate!! You can fly your Gay flag, your Communist flag, your Mexican flag, and so we CAN also fly our Southern flag!! It is NOT about Racism, it is about Freedom!

This is America NOT Communist China!! I have friends of all races, but they are all Americans, and they respect everyone’s right to fly whatever flag that they choose to!! I want my country back!!!!! God bless America again!!!

Genealogists Do It For The Memories



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